About Us

Sarah Dodkin Rush’s artistic practice focuses on an engagement between the natural world and mankind. A skilled wood carver and abstract painter, her current work is predominately sculpture.

The Story

Sarah draws attention to forms shaped by both man and nature creating a dialogue between the form and the medium.  By framing and abstracting natural forms Sarah challenges viewers to observe the minutiae of colour, form and texture in her materials. Working organically, play and chance influence the ongoing variables of colour and form with space and time.

Sarah’s parents were born in 1916, and throughout WW2 and for many years after they scrimped and saved, upcycled and resized clothing. Sarah grew up making her own clothes, making curtains, doing upholstery, general DIY and many other ways of recycling.  Sarah and her sisters even made a bike from spare parts and painted it bright yellow.

A skilled wood carver and sculptor, many of her sculptural works challenge the preconception of sculpture as a predominantly floor-based art form.  Sewn forms are part of her background of sculpture and support her practice.

A background and love of drawing is ever present in her work whilst experimenting with materials produces some surprising results.

Her current work includes working with oils and Indian ink, inspired by a three week tour of Peru that included desserts, mountains, plateaus, the Amazon jungle, cities and of course Macchu Picchu.

Bunting and Bags

I inherited some Irish linen sheets topped with both hand-made and machine made lace.  After over 30 years of keeping them, our offspring didn’t want them.  I took it to several charity shops and they didn’t want it ‘cos it doesn’t sell!’

Rather than bin the sheets I decided to make bunting out of them.  This lead to other people giving me their scraps and leftover textiles rather than binning them.  I also picked one or two items from charity shops to use too.

I found it too time consuming to make the bias for the bunting so that has been purchased new.  I have also put together some shopping bags from the same textile collection.

I look at recycling as saving the planet, one item at a time.  What does this have to do with Art, it’s very simple; All art should be new and currently relevant. We are the plastic generation and we need to address this within our lifetime.  In trying not to use plastic and recycling as much as possible I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Bunting and Bags